This is one of my favourite palaces in England. There's not much to say really other than it sure is grand.

Blenheim Palace, England. Photo ©

I like this building because of its sheer presence. It overwhelms you, particularly when driving toward it down the tree lined road, with the building at the end of it. It's like a wide version of buckingham palace.

Stormont, the Northern Ireland Parliament, Northern Ireland. Photo ©

This building reminds me of a giant bullet. If you ever happen to be driving towards the aldgate area of London from Stratford, you get to see one of the best views of this building. It reminds me of the giant flying bullets in the Super Mario games.

Swiss Re (the Gerkin) building, London ©

This building is unique not only to London, but when compare to other buildings across the world. From it's biblical referenced exteria to the radical new age interior. This building can be seen in West London when entering and exiting London on the Hammersmith Flyover.

The Ark, Hammersmith, London (Designed by Ralph Erskine) ©

Tower Bridge which spans the Thames, has got to be the best bridge in the world in terms of the engineering involved at the time of construction to the unique style and individuality when compared with bridges across the world. Not only is it beautiful, but the opening and closing of the bridge is a thing everyone should see.

Tower Bridge, London ©

St. Pauls Cathedral in London has never looked better. The stonework had turned a terrible looking grey on many parts of the building due to the pollution levels in London. But with millions of pounds of cash, the building was recently restored to its original glowing white condition. You should go up to the whispering gallery where if you whisper something from one side of the dome to someone on the otherside, the other person can actually here you. Amazing!

St Paul's Cathedral, London ©

This building is beautiful in many ways and ugly in many ways also. I like this building simply from the fact that if you look at it from above looking toward the ground, the shape of the tower from above is the National Westminster Bank's logo, who were the former owners. A genious piece of design.

Tower 42 formerly known as the NatWest Tower, London ©

This building represents modern British building design. Like it's fellow London building the Swiss Re tower, the building has no staight edges and is where the mayor of London and the Greater London Authority conduct their business of running London.

Greater London Authority Headquarters, London ©

This building is Britain's tallest building. But over recent years has been joined by other tall buildings of similar height, with only the pyramid top allowing the uilding to retain it's title as tallest in the UK. But there are more threats on the horizon as London reaches for the skies with many taller buildings being planned and constructed.

Canary Wharf, London ©

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