I started reading Gundam 0079 a while back. I was impressed with the environment you are shown. War torn images, refugees, hardship are just a few of the things that people suffer. I started reading this comic because I wanted to read something from further in the past, as I was used to reading comics from the mid nineties to the present days.

Those who are aware of the various Gundam series' will be fully aware that they come in many guises, and with many forms of weaponry, from humble axes to weapons capable of destroy entire man-made space stations. Before reading this series I used to think that the main gundam machine looked pretty rubbish when compared to it's latter modern day cousins. But I soon realised just how good it really is. It's simplisty is its strength. It goes out gets the job done and returns back home. Not to say I don't think that some of the modern day machines aren't awesome.

I read the gundam meets Street Fighter Gundam, It was OK (some were screaming sacrilege from the rafters). I also read the Gundam Wing side story, Gundam: The Last Outpost, it's a great short series.

Hey everyone! The futures bright, the future's Gundam.