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shenmue game thumb

Shenmue was the first game that I had ever played that somewhat mirrored real life. Yeah it was set in the 1980s, but the fact that you had a house which you returned to every night, the use of varying weather, walking around neighbourhoods and going into shops, made Shenmue one of the best games ever made. I'm just surprised no one has copied it and made their own versions. Instead, the Grand Theft Auto formula has been aped to death instead.

Soul Calibur

soul calibre game thumb

When I first saw this in the arcade I couldn't believe what I was seeing. But when it came out on the Dreamcast and I saw te graphics. If I was sitting on a chair, I would have fallen off. The graphics were mind boggling. It stills beats many games out there in terms of graphics, on the much more powerful PS2. This game really pushed the boundaries on the graphical potential of home consoles and is still pushing the graphical boundaries with Soul Caliber 2 on all formats and Soul Caliber 3 on the PS2.

Phantasy Star Online

phantasy star online game thumb

Anybody who knows anything about games, in particularly online games should know about the phenomenon that is known as PSO. There are many versions currently out but the version many have come to love started on the Dreamcast. The ability to create your own characters coupled with the fact that they looked like anime characters brought joy to many, I know it did to me. Although, sometimes this could get annoying. How many Goku's with the same clothes and hair do there need to be before people stop making more! There were problems with people going around robbing people of their valuables I'm not saying what country they were from, but I'm sure you could guess. Anyway, this is a great game with thousands of game play hours.

Virtua On

virtua on game thumb

This game was great on the arcade. I used to love going to the arcades and playing this. You get to pilot a big robot and get to use two joysticks to control it. This is the closest your gonna get to piloted a gundam guys. If someone would just merge this with a game like steel battalion. Sadly, however, I wasn't able to obtain a copy of this game on the dreamcast. >_<