Nintendo DS

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Animal Crossing

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Animal crossing is a brilliant game and is Nintendo DS gem. The wifi mode works perfectly, enabling you to visit other people's towns whether they be next to you, or on the other side of the world. The gameplay is kept simple, with the main focus of the game being to improve - from their humble beginnings - both your own home and the town around it. .


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When I first played Nintendogs: Labrador and Friends, and I immediately saw what all the fuss was about. It makes a change playing something that doesn't involve bloodshed and violence. It has all the fun of a real dog, minus having to clean up your dog's mess, which is a much unloved task when owning a real dog. And the fact that the dog stays a puppy is an added bonus. To help reduce the numbers of those who buy puppies at christmas only to abandon them a few days later, or when they grow too big and are no longer so cute and adorable. Thumbs up to Nintendo for producing another great game!

Osu Tatakae Ouendan

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When I first saw the video advertisement for this game online, I just had to get it. This game is great, despite it being a japanese import game. I saw the trailer for it and just had to get it. The game has real J-Pop/rock music in it and can be really hard on the higher gaming difficulty settings. This is a real Nintendo DS gem and is a good 'just pick up and play' type of game.

Mario 64 DS

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After seeing the first bit of game footage. I couldn't believe that Nintendo had succefully managed to port Super Mario 64 onto a tiny DS game card. This was the game that convinced me as to whether I would bother to buy a nintendo DS, and acted like a showcase of just what the DS was capable of doing, in terms of graphics and gameplay. It also most importantly shwoed that the hardware was far more advanced than it's predecessor, the GBA. The game is similar to the Nintendo 64 version, in terms of gameplay. But there are slight modifications to incorporate the touch screen and not to mention the brilliant mini games.

Yu-Gi-Oh: Nightmare Troubadour

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I bought Yu-Gi-Oh!: Nightmare Troubadour. This game is great because it feels less claustraphobic than other Yu-gi-oh games beacause of the dual screens. Also the use of the touch screen makes duelling a lot more fun and speeds up the duelling gameplay. The main gripe could be the graphics of the monsters, which look blocky. But hey! At least there's something to look at.