About Jackie

Chan holds the Guinness World Record for "Most Stunts By A Living Actor". The record notes that "no insurance company will underwrite Chan's productions, in which he performs all his own stunts".

Jackie's drive to perform dangerous stunts nearly ended his life on the filming of Armour of God in 1985, where he fractured his skull falling from a tree.

When Jackie isn't performing some death defying stunt, or in the middle of a mass brawl with the local gansters. He can be found behind the microphone singing. He usually sings the theme songs to his films and unknown to some, has released over a 100 songs and 20 albums since 1984. He has become a major asian pop star in addition to his movie stardom and sings in many languages including Cantonese, Mandarin, English and Japanese.

Chan's major breakthrough into Hollywood came with the worldwide release of Rumble in the Bronx. He has since had continuing success with Shanghai Noon, Shanghai Knights, and his Rush Hour films. Chan's return to Hong Kong saw the release of New Police Story, earning him box office success.