Website listing

A list of websites I have built, helped to build or have worked on in some way or another.

Personal Websites

Jackie Chan website

My Jackie Chan website was rather basic looking and quite uninteresting, so I thought I'd give it the make-over it deserves. This site is dedicated to my number one action hero!

L'Arc~en~Ciel website

In my opinion L'Arc en Ciel are the greatest japanese rock band at the moment. I just wanted to build a site in tribute to their great songs and live performances.

U2 website

No matter what music I listen to, I find myself drifting back to listening to U2. So I thought... I know I'll build a site dedicated to them (as you do!).

Japan website

I built this site because I have a facination with the whole samurai period and the castle designs and just a general facination with Japanese culture.

Ghost in the Shell website

I built this web site because I just enjoy watching ghost in the shell. I tried to keep the site in keeping with the techno-style themes of the animation.

VF's Akira Yuki's Dojo website

Osu! This is a site dedicated to Akira Yuki of the Virtua Fighter series. A very hard character to master especially if your using a control pad instead of a arcade joystick.

The Sheep and the House

I had some excess paint one day, so I just doodled a painting (as you do!) and what turned out was the painting you see when you go to the website. Being bored at the time, a friend prompted me to build a web site based on the picture.

Good Idea Bad Idea

This site is dedicated to the "Good idea, bad idea" cartoons. I haven't put that many good and bad things, but check back later, as I will regularly add more... just waiting for the to pop into my head!

The Guitar website

This is a web site I built in honor of the guitar. I decided to build one as I am already semi-learning to play and besides guitars are cool and are deserving of a website.

University Project website (Original)

This was the first real web site, that I ever constructed and designed myself. At the time I thought it was great, but with time comes wisedom. Looking back at it now it looks somewhat wanting!

University Project website (Revamped)

This is an updated and I must say greatly improved version of a web site I built while at university (web site above). Looking back I can clearly see that my skills in xhtml and css have greatly improved.

Personal Websites I am currently working on.

A Poet and Storyteller's Corner

I'm slowly working on a website for some short stories and poems I have written, am writing, or plan to write.

Websites I worked on while at Platform3 web limited.


While at Platform-3, I built a few eflyers as part of the British Film Industry (bfi) relaunch of famous classic films, including the one shown in the image.

Martin Randall TravelMartin Randall Travel E-cards

I also did some work on producing some e-cards for Martin Randall Travel.

St John & St James Primary School

A primary school website I worked a lot on while at Platform

Gayhurst Primary School

Another primary school website I worked a lot on while at Platform

The Platform Gallery website

The Platform Gallery website, which sadly has now closed. I did a lot of work on this website, processing hundreds of imgery, and building lots of new pages and sections of the site.

lpanLPAN: Lincolnshire Public Art Network

I didn't help with the build on this site, but I did help to process organise a lot of the imagery that is used on the website.

Bruce Gernand

I built the majority of this site during my stint at Platform3 web limited. Bruce Gernand is a sculpturer who I had the pleasure of meeting on two occasions.

This is Unbound

I was responsible for inputing all the book and DVD, information. This included product titles, weight, size, and product information. I also processed most of the initial product images.


For this site I helped build the 2006 update. I entered all the artist info, including their artwork and I built the new fading images for the 2006 artists. I also helped to fix a probelm with the drop-down navigation.


The National Federation of Art Space Providers - all of the images used on the site when it was first launched were first processed and uploaded by myself. I was also involved mainly in building xhtml pages (in conjunction with css) for the hidden cms side of the site.

Simon Moretti

I helped build this site, including building templates which were then transferred to be used with Macromedia Contribute. To allow the client to easily add to and manage the exisiting content. I also made a downloadable PDF of the artist's work which was available at the time the site was built.

Websites worked on at Tarsus Group Plc: The Internationl Media Group

Leisure and Living

While at Tarsus, I added a few more locations and did some general tidying of some of the sections of this website site.

Websites worked on at

TLCTamar Lifeline Charity

I have updated this web site a lot recently, such as widening the site, some structural and copy changes, as well adding new sections.

TLCTamar China

Was very eye-opening when building this website. Particularly in giving the user the ability to change languages. This is the first time I have built a site for the chinese market.

furness building societyFurness Building Society

I enjoy working on this site, as it's well structured so makes making any necessary changes a doddle!

Premierline Direct

Premierline Direct: A Business Insurance specialist. I have worked a lot on this website, from minor text amends to building whole new sections of the website.

Express Insurance

Latest web build project I have worked on - did both the HTML and CSS markup.


The same as above, I work on this site a lot, once again adding new pages, rebuilding sections and other site maintenance work.


I do regular maintenance work on this site. Building new new pages, rebuilding sections etc.

welcome financeWelcome finance

I do regular maintenance work on this site. Building new new pages, rebuilding sections etc.

welcome carWelcome Car Finance

I do regular maintenance work on this site. Building new new pages, rebuilding sections etc.

Tamar Blog

I worked with a back-end developer to build the new Tamar blog template. Pretty happy with how it turned out.

Other web-related work I have done


I didn't build this site but did some design work for the banners.

Some web design links