_Tachikoma are as large as an average sedan, are painted blue and have four "eyes" fitted on the surface of their bodies. They are controlled by individual AIs, are capable of speech and generally exhibit a childish, curious, joyful and active personality, although they are consummate professionals in the field. They normally operate as independent units and receive orders from human agents, but they can also be directly piloted from a cockpit in their abdomen.

_Tachikoma have four legs and two arms. They can move by walking, or they can drive at high speed by using their wheeled footpads, and are apparently street legal (presuming no legal exemption for Section 9). Other abilities of the Tachikoma include jumping great distances, sticking to vertical or inverted surfaces, and grappling/rappelling using their adhesive string launchers. Their movements when walking and jumping were modelled on a jumping spider.

_Despite the fact that Tachikoma probably weigh a few hundred pounds each - even without an operator - they are shown scaling simple wire fences and jumping from great heights onto rooftops without causing any structural damage whatsoever. However, this property is shared by other individuals in the series.