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Jenson Button

F1 2009 Champion: Jenson Button - well done Jenson and Brawn GP!

Asian Kung-Fu Generation Rocks ^ ^

Hiro Nakamura from Heroes

'Hiro Nakamura', Heroes just wouldn't be the same without him!

The gals from Studio Clamp - creators of card Captor Sakura, Tokyo Babylon,
Angelic Layer, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle and much more!

United States of Autobots: Optimus Prime for President!

Lately, the only music I seem to listen to is L'arc en ciel.
They're a famous Japanese rock band, and they rock!

photo of gundam man

Could it be? A Gundam man!

photo of sylar from Heroes

Sylar is going to play the younger Mr. Spock in the new Star Trek film.
image © 2007 NBC Universal, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Sony have revealed photos of the new slimline PS3 (see below), at first I was annoyed as I already have the originl one. But after looking at the way it looks, I can't say I'm really bothered.

Slimline PS3


The Year of the Ox 2009 - General Outlook

The year of the Ox is associated with domestic trouble that seems to have no solution. The grounded, rational, earth influence of the Ox may bring good fortune to troubled economic times but only with a sustained, well planned effort. The Ox influence brings an aversion to risky credit and quick answers that are not well conceived. The Ox year brings success only through discipline and through hard work. The steady ox is quick to anger when confronted by what seems to be irrational opposition, but the use of reason works well and avoids a charge by the angry bull. There is much danger of war and unrest if diplomacy does not prevail. Source:


Happy New Year... hopefully 2009 will be a great year!

"An optimist stays up until midnight to see the New Year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves." (Bill Vaughan)


I read recently that Keanu Reeves was interested in making a cowboy Beebop film, with himself taking up the role as Spike.... run for the hills! Heehehe.

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Here are some more video recreations I found:

Human Space invaders

Human Pong

Human tetris

Human Pole Position


For those of you who haven't seen this, check it out. A guy has recreated Mario Kart, but on the open road. He even has a Mario costume on.


Being one of my favourite authors, I was quite sad to hear that Michael Crichton had died. Well at least he will be remembered through his books and the adaptations of his books on the big screen.


Despite coming out on the 31st October 2008, it seems most of the big shops (HMV, Zavvi etc), are refusing to sell the 160gb version of the PS3. The only shop that seems to offer it for sale are GAME, which offer a full range of PS3's; the 40gb, 80gb and the 160gb versions.


Can't wait till the end of October so I can get a new PS3.


Yay! Heroes is back and this time it seems the writers are back to their original exciting and creative selves. Story started to get side-tracked somewhat with the short second series and the writers' strike. A big big bonus is that BBC2 is showing the series in the UK, only a week or so behind the US. At last something decent to watch on TV.


In a bit of a dilema. I want to get a PS3, but in the UK you can only get the stripped-down 40gb version with no backwards compatability and the 40gb doesn't seem like enough storage space to me, and there are rumours of an 80gb version that is planned for the UK, so might just wait for that.


I got a white Sony PSP. Any guesses as to why, after previously holding off buying one? Two words... 'Crisis Core'!!!


For the first time in the history of my website Project Art. My allocated bandwidth was exceeded in the last few days of May.


I present to you the new Mayor of London. 'Good Idea, Bad idea'? I guess we'll have to wait and see ^ ^.

boris johnson


I recently saw Cloverfield, and I still cannot get the disappointment out of my head. All the hype and it was no better than watching a crappy movie on the sci-fi channel. I left the cinema with no answers and only questions. Feeling slightly queezy, from the camera and wondering to myself: "What the hell was that I just saw!!!" I wasn't the only one thinking that, judging from the sighs and groans coming from the other people around me.


Here are some photos from the Chinese New Year Celebrations that took place in London on Sunday 10th February, see below.

Want to see more photos of the celebrations?


I found this picture of a game character lookalike, check out the picture below.

Want to view more video game lookalikes?

big boss and sean connery, lookalikes?


For those who like a bit of virtual fisticuffs, there is a new Street Fighter game on the horizon. See the images below.

street fighter 4 street fighter 4 street fighter 4

images ©


It's a new year, and since I enjoy going to the cinema, I decided to do my 2008 cinema must sees.

cloverfield ironman Batman: The Dark Knight


I built a page with some U2 performances that I enjoy watching at youTube.


I added few more Star Wars 2007 convention photos

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Yesterday, there was supposed to be a meteor show over the UK, but sadly didn't see anthing out my window. And there I was, all prepared with my camera. Oh well!


I want this car... the new Nissan GT-R. Nissan have decided to drop the Skyline, as they say its a whole new car ^ ^

Want to read more about the new Nissan GT-R?.

New Nissan GT-R New Nissan GT-R


Went to another live music gig at the Shephards Bush Empire on the 18th October 2007. Below are some photos from the gig.

Shephards Bush Empire 18th Oct 2007 benji, Shephards Bush Empire 18th Oct 2007 teddy thompson, Shephards Bush Empire 18th Oct 2007 seth lakeman, Shephards Bush Empire 18th Oct 2007


Photos of people queuing for the latest Harry Potter book, on Friday 20th July 2007, at the midnight book launch.


It was the Dragon Festival on the online game Guild Wars last weekend. With everyone hunting down special tokens to win a special demon mask. But European gamers were plagued by serious game lag, which either saw your character completely freeze or the game just kept logging you out. European gamers are still suffering from this lag, while US and japanese gamers are unhindered. Apparently it has something to do with server problems in Germany.


My list of unfinished games is growing endlessly. Especially my role-playing games. I'm going to have to buckle down and clear the backlog - don't like leaving things unfinished!


And so, the endless battle ensues. But who will prove to be victorious... me (who plays as Sol Badguy), or my eternal rival Ky (mercilessly controlled by my brother).


One of my favourite Hong Kong actors. He seems to be the only chinese actor who seems to be getting good roles in films that don't involve street gangsters and rap music.


Who said that the PS2 was dead! Well, after seeing this game in action. I think when it comes to the PS2, it should be refered to as being old, but not quite dead.


These are my 'Cinema Must Sees' for 2007. I can remember, looking back, how I previously planned to see all the films that looked interesting during the summer movie season. But always fell short. Well not this year! These are the films I just have to see this summer.


You have to check out this youtube video of People dressed up like Transformers - they even transform!


London reaches for the skies. These are some planned new buildings for London. On the left is proposed London Bridge Tower. On the right is the bishopsgate tower, which is already under construction. Click here for more pictures of some interesting London buildings.


Check out the new RUF ctr3, it's top speed is 235mph. RUF is simply a company who take a factory spec Porsche and work their magic, to create a beast of a car, but this car looks like a complete custom job. I think the design of this car beats anything Porsche has come out with in at least 10 years.


I made a page for some video clips I took at a Seth Lakeman gig at Shepards Bush Empire Feb 2007.


Check out this car. Kind of reminds me of a car in Rage Racer (PS), one of the special manual transmission ones.

View a few more cool or weird cars


For all those Pokemaniacs out there, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are going to be released in the US on the 21/4/2007. But before you go splashing out for it, research more into the whole upload all your Pokemon from your GBA Pokemon games. There are reports from people saying that both games must be from the same region, i.e. a US Pokemon Diamond or Pearl DS game can only upload Pokemon from a US Sapphire/Ruby/Leaf Green GBA game.


There aren't that many UK comic artists who draw in a manga style. In fact there aren't enough UK comic artists out there, who are making a massive name for themselves. When you think about UK comics... the only thing that pops in my mind is Judge Dredd. Anyway check out this up and coming new UK comic studio called Creative Freedom.


For anyone who loves Seth Lakeman or just wants to find out more about him then click here to visit fansite.


Life on Mars, an ace show by the made by the BBC. It's a shame that it is in it's final series... what am I going to watch when it's gone :(


Saw Hot Fuzz today, a film by the same duo who made Shaun of the Dead. At last a decent British film with a decent shootout sequence in it.


My only reason to buy a PS3 at the moment is to play the upcoming Final Fantasy 13 game. After watching this video you'll see why too!


Today Final Fantasy 12 launches in the UK. Those willing to queue up have the opportunity to get some exclusive FF12 merchandise from HMV's flagship store in London's Oxford Street. The first 300 get exclusive FF12 postcards soundtrack. While the first 100 (who were given gold wristbands) got an additional exclusive FF12 Mog doll.


I went to a Seth Lakeman gig on Tuesday 20th February at the Shepard's Bush Empire, London. Well... the tickets were free and who am I to turn down some live music and besides it was pretty awesome, in particularly the double bass player. For clips of his gig at Shepards Bush Empire, Feb 2007 Click here.


For those of you whole don't already know. The PS3 is scheduled to be released in Europe on March 23rd 2007 and will sell for 425. With only the 60GB version intially being available and the 20GB version being available later in the year.


Check out this cool flash movie. It's called Drum Machine by tokyoplastic. It's basically a flash animation showing a bunch of cartoon albino sheep playing some funky music on their drums.

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European gamers get a double wammy! Not only are we already waiting for the European release of Final Fantasy 12 (sometime in late February 2007), but now we have to wait for the PS3 as well, which will be released in March 2007. It seems that when it comes to gaming, especially when compared with the rest of the world, Europe is every gaming company's whipping boy! At least Nintendo haven't abandoned us and hopefully the Wii will launch on time on 8th December 2006.


My favourite films of all time:

  • –Blade Runner
  • –Black Rain
  • –Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl & Dead man's chest
  • –Police Story
  • –A Better Tomorrow II
  • –Spider-man, Spider-man II
  • –The War of the Worlds (the old version)
  • –Die Hard
  • –The Seven Samurai
  • –Twilight Samurai

My favourite Books:

  • –Diggers, Truckers and Wings (Terry Pratchett)
  • –Tom Clancy's: Rainbow Six, The Bear and the Dragon, Red Storm Rising
  • –Red Phoenix (Larry Bond)
  • –The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy Series
  • –Jurassic Park (Michael Crichton)

Hideo Kojima


On March 9th 2005, Hideo Kojima visited HMV in Oxford St, London. To promote the European launch of Metal Gear Solid 3. There were many people present, some waited from as early as 9am to meet him and get stuff signed. Unfortunately each person was limited to only having one item signed by the great Kojima. Things people were getting signed were original Metal Gear Solid game boxes, art books etc. My bro being one of those queuing got his official artbook signed by the great Kojima and for added bonus by the guy who does all the artwork and character designs for Metal Gear Solid, who was also present.

Hideo Kojima has an online blog for those of you interested in his thoughts and ideas.

Anyway here are a few pics of the event.

Nintendo DS


I absoloutely love the Nintendo DS in pure white. I ordered one from YesAsia.Com. It took about a week to get to me (pretty fast for an import order), but boy was the wait worth it. Had to get an adaptor to convert from 100v to 240v otherwise the DS is toast if I plug it into the wall socket. Here's some pics of my new DS.

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Cool Car


I don't know about you, but doesn't this car remind you of the 3-wheeled Pac Racing one from Ridge Racer type 4. It's made by french car manufacturer Peugeot and is called the 20cup race car. It would probably look a lot cooler if they put a canopy over each person, or just one big one.

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Latest news on the PS3 is that it's going to be delayed until November 2006. Good recent PS3 news developments are:

  • - Gone is the 'Boomerang' controller
  • - The PS3 will be equipped with a hard drive
  • -The PS3 will be fully backwards compatible with PS1 and PS2 games (apparently!)
  • - The PS3 will be launched globally


Here are some PS3 pics. I think that it looks kinda cool. Like a rounded off version of the original PS2 design. Hope it lives up to the hype. Even though the X-box 360 has already been launched, I'm still going to keep my magic beans (money) and wait for the PS3, which is rumoured, is going to be delayed even further. Maybe not a bad thing. I've heard many rumours about the X-box 360's problems, like over heating, OS errors etc. So maybe a delayed launch will mean a more successful launch.

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