:: About hyde

hyde born January 29th 1969 in Wakayama, Japan. He is the lead singer in the Japanese rock band L'Ark~en~Ciel. Not much is none about this famous japanese frontman although it is rumoured that his first name is Hidetoshi Takarai. He joined the band in 1992 after leaving his previous group called 'Jerusalem's rod' where he was the lead guitarist.
Hyde also has his own record label under Sony Japan called Haunted Records. He has also had a two small appearances on the silver screen. In 'Kagen no tsuki' as Adam (2004) and in 'Moon child' as Kei (2003).
For hyde's solo career he released his first solo album "Roentgen" on March 27th 2002 and his second album "666" on December 3rd 2003. With the two albums being seen as counterparts